My name is Augie.  I am a decade+ veteran of non-profit craziness, which carried both amazing highs and tragic lows.  After running the numbers and realizing I could make equivalent money and more, I said goodbye to the desk job and started working independently and primarily with Lyft!

I also have a healthy obsession with new technology and music.  My musical alter ego being DJ Unagi.  Besides being a driver, former Software Support Manager, Communications VP, Education Director, I’ve had a slew of other careers in my life.  Driving is easy to get into but I thinks it takes a special personality to continue in perpetuity to shuffle the citizens of the city near and far.  This is still an active experiment for me and either way I will write about it here.

The experience of driving is interesting for me because I would normally be annoyed at dealing with the traffic and obstacles of navigating SF streets.  Instead I stay calm and it feels more like a game, the interface is my smartphone.  The high score, my paycheck.  Freeways overhead become pinball rails.  Potholes, traps on the machine board.  For me it is fun driving the city when I don’t have my to personal do list to follow.  Helping others to check off their lists makes it much easier for me to deal with city driving.

I explain this too because I think this influences my customer service rating on Lyft.  At the time of this post it was up to 4.96, essentially a unicorn in the circle of drivers as it is real work to attempt to keep a score like that.  It’s definitely work being ocd about cleanliness of the interior, glass, etc and I get compliments for it.  On top of that, many comment about my calm.  Maybe I’m finding meditation in driving?  Not sure what it is but I’m finding it’s working for the passengers I drive for.

This experiment in paying my monthly bills will extend past my experience of driving just for Lyft.  Uber, Instacart, Postmates, Sidecar.  If I can squeeze the time in to rate them, you will hear about it.  I’m excited about this whole new world of making money today.  Come join me in this adventure!