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Fargo Uber drivers talk pros and cons of the job | INFORUM

FARGO—Uber arrived here almost a year ago. So what do drivers think about working for the ride-hailing service?

Fargo drivers say they like being able to work whenever they want, meeting interesting passengers and making some extra dough. But as with any job, there are downsides. Some drivers say it’s hard to make a living.

Source: Fargo Uber drivers talk pros and cons of the job | INFORUM

UPDATED: Another Uber Driver Awarded Unemployment Benefits | The Snitch | San Francisco | San Francisco News and Events | SF Weekly

A former Uber driver from the San Diego area has successfully applied for unemployment benefits with the state of California, SF Weekly has learned.

People are paying big bucks for Uber decals and Lyft mustaches on eBay

Uber Cuts Prices—and Kneecaps Drivers – The Daily Beast

NEW YORK — If anger sums up the mood of this election season, then some of it seems to have rubbed off on the city’s Uber drivers.

How Long Will You Last In The Rideshare Industry? – Ride Share Times

When I first entered the cab industry five years ago, I didn’t expect to be in it for more than a year. The main reason that I received my chauffeur’s licence and be able to drive a cab in the first place was the flexibility the job offered while I was attending film school. Two years after leaving film school I found myself not as a cab driver, but still driving for a living.

Tesla Gigafactory construction workers in Nevada have walked off the job in protest – SFGate

Construction workers at the Tesla Gigafactory site near Reno, Nevada, walked off the job Monday, local news station KOLOreported.

Uber, Lyft Drivers Having Trouble Affording Rideshare Company Leases « CBS San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — Uber and Lyft drivers unhappy with their earnings and hours behind the wheel have protested recently, but now there’s a new problem – drivers are having trouble affording the expensive car leases offered through the rideshare companies.

When there’s demand, there’s surge, dynamic pricing, blackmail – The Hindu

There was a furore when some private airlines decided to charge as much as Rs 1 lakh for a seat on Chandigarh-Delhi flights during the recent disturbances in Haryana. How dare the airlines do this?

It’s blackmail and unethical, many newspapers and news TV channels said.

Uber’s Achilles’ Heel — Medium

Most people accept the popular view that the arrival of self driving cars will be a blessing for Uber, delivering increased profits, lower prices, and larger scale. In reality, self driving cars will put the entire company at risk.

Uber Driver Suspected Of Killing 6 Reportedly Picked Up Passengers Before And After Shootings

The Uber driver suspected of killing six people in Kalamazoo, Michigan on Saturday night reportedly picked up passengers between shootings.

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