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Uber, Lyft and Massachusetts – Who’s Driving You?

Brace yourselves: Massachusetts is readying to take up statewide legislation involving Uber and Lyft.

Innovating Ancient Ride-Hail Regulation | US Ride-Hail Driver’s Association

Could driving for Uber have caused Jason Brian Dalton to Kill?

SFMTA Offering Refunds on $6.1 Million in Overcharges – Broke-Ass Stuart’s Goddamn Website

The SFMTA has given notice of approximately $6.1 million in unclaimed funds for overpayment and duplicate payments received for parking and transit citations issued between January 1, 1995 and June 30, 2012.  The deadline to fill out a claim is March 3, 2016!  After that any unclaimed funds will become the property of the City and County of San Francisco!

Young Employee Asks CEO For Living Wage; Gets Fired Instead | Crooks and Liars

I remember what it feels like to be out of college and have your first job. I even remember stretching that paycheck way farther than it could stretch, and what that felt like.

But this story. Just so wrong. The writer used to work for Yelp/Eat24. Until she wrote her CEO, she was an employee. Shortly after she sent this, she was fired.

For China’s upper middle class, driving for Uber is a cure for loneliness – Quartz

When he drives his BMW 3 Series for Uber, Jasper Fu is not really there for the money. Once, when a wealthy lady angered him by accusing him of taking a longer route to earn a higher fare, he finished the ride on the app early, and drove her home for free. He earns 3,000 yuan ($469) a month by driving two hours a day on average—that’s just one tenth of the salary he earns as a sales manager.

Uber is losing $1 billion a year in China February 19

Uber is bleeding $1 billion a year in China as competition heats up with rival taxi app Didi Kuaidi.

“We’re profitable in the USA, but we’re losing over $1 billion a year in China,” Uber CEO Travis Kalanick told Canadian tech news site Betakit.

An Uber spokeswoman confirmed Kalanick’s comments to CNN, saying that strong profits in other countries are fueling its expansion abroad. Uber has “the sustainable financial strength to win in China in the long-term … while our largest competitor in China spends many multiples of what we do to buy up unprofitable market share,” she said.

Taxi And Uber Drivers, Once Mortal Enemies, Join Forces In New Labor Dispute | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

Last year, taxi drivers in Belgium threw eggs at Uber drivers’ cars and blocked them from picking up passengers during a protest against the ride-hailing company. In France, during another day of protests, taxi drivers attacked Uber drivers, in a couple of cases even setting their cars on fire. Footage from a protest against Uber in Toronto shows a man banging on the window of someone he suspects is driving for Uber, only to be dragged 20 feet before letting go. And in cities across the U.S., Uber drivers and taxi drivers have faced off on opposite sides of protests over Uber regulations.

Uber competitor says its drivers will own the company February 20

Juno is a stealth new startup that’s gearing up to take on Uber with a laser focus on keeping drivers happy.

Juno will give its drivers equity in the company. On top of that, Juno will take a smaller cut off every ride: Just 10% compared to Uber’s 20% to 25%.

It’s not trying to undercut Uber — it plans to set its prices in the same ballpark as the competition.

Pando: Juno founder: “Everybody we talked to, they hated Uber with a passion.”

New ridesharing service Juno wasn’t planning to do any press for a few months. But when you put an app in two thousand cars in the media capital of the word and threaten to target the glaring weak spot of  the highest valued company in Silicon Valley history… well, word tends to spread.

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