Spoon Rocket has a special place in my heart. They got their start in Berkeley serving students ready to eat healthy food options delivered within 2 to 20 minutes. When they started expanding into Oakland it was a godsend!

Like several new sharing economy startups, I became a customer first and then decided to drive for  them for the purpose of sharing my experience with you. I also wanted to saisfy my curiosity of peeking behind the curtain so to speak.

It’s tough giving an honest, unbiased review for Spoon Rocket as I truly appreciate the service. The food is of excellent quality, drivers typically are friendly and very quick  deliver. Finding good delivery food in Oakland is a challenge and they fill an urgent need in the community. Overall, Spoon Rocket is amazing.

I have been driving for the company for several months now. Unlike other food delivery businesses, Spoon Rocket chooses a method of paying delivery providers different than the rest. There are no guarantees of hourly earnings. For example, some shifts you may esrn a lot less than minimum wage. Other times shifts may be extremely lucrative. Like most sharing economy businesses that employ independent contractors you are saddled with the responsibility of choosing shifts that are worth working. They do not give tips for success and it is up to you to muddle through it via trial and error. You are on your own for really everything.

After a slow Friday night, I’m choosing to pair back my Spoon Rocket shifts. At the moment I choose to only work on the slower days that I wouldn’t want to drive for ride sharing services. Usually that means working Tuesday, Wednesday and possibly Sunday. Most times I stick to evening shifts because dinner is a much more lucrative time to work. Unfortunately although the food is great and you take home a free meal after 4 hours, it isn’t quite worth working tons of hours.

I wish Spoon Rocket all the success in the world. But I’m not sure this is a sustainable business model. The heavy turnover of drivers, disappointed by the lower earnings, makes it tough to keep a stable workforce that is kind, accurate and able to deliver their delicious food in a quick manner.